This is my dream……

Of sharing my personal wellness journey with others while building a fair and responsible business for myself, staff and for society and to be a model of what future fair business practices can be. I don’t want to cater to a luxury market. I want to reach people like me. People of average means who strive for wanting more out of life and want to experience a time of immersion and self discovery but don’t want to go broke pursuing that journey.  I want to create practical wellness retreats and “experience” retreats for the average person who has an inner desire to become an extraordinary human being.

My dream is The Healing Farm and The Healing Farm Retreats.

I will strive to make The Healing Farm a permanent tasteful and affordable retreat center on a peaceful property with a possible national roll-out long-term. THF will originate as a series of retreats in existing retreat centers or personal immersion experiences featuring either an immersion journey of self-exploration or the teachings of passionate educators and practitioners who will cultivate attainable, realistic, simple solutions for our participant’s long-term wellness and personal growth goals.

The Healing Farm Retreats - Cultivating Practical Wellness