Julie Mikos-Houlihan | Founder, Photo:  Kirsten Lara Getchell

Julie Mikos-Houlihan | Founder, Photo: Kirsten Lara Getchell



Julie Mikos-Houlihan

T:  +1 510 681 7616
E:  julie@thehealingfarm.com

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The Healing Farm | Retreats will consistently strive to bring affordable and memorable wellness experiences to whomever it can reach. Being a new and growing business, we recognize we are still human and cannot control some things (like weather!) and although we will work our hardest to please 100% of our participants, recognize that "stuff" happens and we may not be able to be all things to those we hope to serve. Please see our policy page in the bookings section for more details and ALWAYS feel free to contact Julie Mikos-Houlihan directly with your thoughts and concerns. 


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