Joshua Tree Solo Experience Equipment List

Here is the suggested equipment list for basic comfort during your solo camping experience. This is what THF will supply if you choose that option and what's suggested you bring yourself if you choose to bring your own:

  • Small tent (we recommend a small two person tent. If it's too small (like a one person or backpacking tent) you might not want to hang out in there much and if it's too big you might get cold at night).
  • Sleep pad
  • Sleeping bag (keeping in mind it will likely be in the forties during the night)
  • Camp pillow or full pillow
  • Camp chair
  • Lantern or headlamp or both
  • Camp stove + propane
  • Cooking pot or two
  • Small cutting board and knife
  • Plate, bowl and utensils (less cleanup if you use paper and compostable utensils)
  • Hot and cold cup (or a combo)
  • Small bin for washing dishes (plus sponge and all-natural camp soap)
  • Small cooler
  • Rubber mallet or small axe with blunt end to pound tent stakes (or a rock!)
  • Nalgene or comparable water bottle for hiking
  • Tablecloth (a nice touch for a little homey-ness!)
  • WATER container (can fill up at park entrance) or store bought water jugs - there is no water at the campground so you need to bring in your own. Recommended is 1- 2 gallons a day for drinking and washing (I would recommend two)
  • Natural handiwipes - you may want a sponge bath - there is no shower
  • Small firestarters, firewood, lighter or matches