The Healing Farm Marketing Survey 

Description: I aim to make The Healing Farm a tasteful, yet affordable wellness retreat center/spa on a rural property in Northern CA, Washington, Oregon or Colorado. Not too swanky, not too new age or hippie dippy and without a spiritual slant, The Healing Farm aims to serve (mostly) Americans in the median household income range. I see my target being (but not limited to):  

  • Primarily Female
  • Ages 35-65
  • Middle income to low-end upper middle income
  • Self-employed, or full/part time professional working women or empty nesters
  • People who have struggles with mild chronic conditions like: fluctuating weight, chronic pain, chronic digestive issues or recently diagnosed (or suspected) auto-immune diseases
  • They are looking to make big health and wellness changes in their lives (mid-life crisis?) but don’t want to go broke pursuing the changes. They also want to go to a place in which they can immerse themselves in practical wellness solutions they can build into their everyday lives. Practical wellness being not too intense, not too hippie dippy or new age.

Given this demographic (of which I think you fit), I plan on offering a range of accommodation options for varying price levels. The price would include:

  • Accommodation (or semi-private tent site)
  • Three meals a day
  • Hiking trails
  • Yoga classes
  • Wellness lectures by visiting practitioners and educators
  • Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Add-on options would include: massage, acupuncture, field trips, extended led hikes

Accommodation options might include (in ascending pricing order):

  • Volunteer Bunks
  • Camping
  • Tent cabins with shared baths
  • Rooms in a “lodge” type building with shared baths
  • Ten cabins with private baths
  • Rooms in a “lodge” type building with private baths
  • Private stand-alone cottage or cabin with private bath