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Patricia Cavenaugh

Featured Speakers

Patricia Cavanaugh, MA, MFT

Patricia’s company, The 3rd Act, promotes positive aging through individual and couples coaching, corporate workshops and retreats for women and couples. Since 2008, Patricia has worked with hundreds of clients guiding their transition to retirement and to a well-lived life. She is committed to helping people discover and develop their hidden potential for a vibrant and more purposeful life than they ever imagined – “The 3rd Act”.

From the mid 1970’s to the mid 80’s, Patricia was instrumental in the development and implementation of the workshop “Money and You” and the Burklyn Business School.

Patricia has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1984.  She is also a certified Third Age Coach and serves clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. She received her BA from the University of Maryland and her MA from John F. Kennedy University. She is licensed by the State of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT).

Private Consultations Available:

Private consultations will be available with Patricia and will be added to the add-on pricing page at a later date.

Ellie Klevins

Ellie Klevins

Ellie brings over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development and Coaching experience to the 3rd Act.

Her passion is supporting people through transition to create satisfying and rewarding lifestyles.  She has an engaging facilitation style, and is known for her ability to guide people towards achieving challenging goals, and overcome obstacles to success.

Ellie received her Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from San Jose State University, and her Master of Science in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco.  She is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute.

Catie Fitzgerald

Catie Fitzgerald

Catie Fitzgerald is a three-time THF retreat participant and recently opened Enhanced Health Solutions, a holistic nutrition coaching practice.  She specializes in helping  people (especially women) physically support the transition into mid and late life through whole-food ancestral nutrition and lifestyle.  Her M.S. thesis is focused on helping women use holistic nutrition to gracefully transition into menopause.

In 1996, Catie resigned from her job as an investment advisor at Paine Webber and opened Financially Savvy, a company dedicated to providing women with the education and resources necessary to gain confidence in making sound financial decisions.  Today, 20+ years later, she continues to help women and men learn how to fund their goals, especially living in retirement without running out of money.   

Catie has a passion for educating others, transforming complex and intimidating topics (i.e., health, nutrition, personal finance) into easily understood and applicable concepts no matter what level of knowledge you have on the topic.  As a coach, she pairs her know-how with your drive and ambition to make physical and fiscal change happen. During her talks:

  • Discover how eating a whole food ancestral diet can support your health and stave off the diseases associated with mid to late life such as atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and Alzheimer's disease. Catie Fitzgerald, a holistic nutrition coach, will share an easy-to-follow meal planning formula plus a list of nourishing foods and recipes to help you maintain or achieve optimal health in mid to late life. 
  • Learn smart moves you can make with your money as you prepare to retire and during retirement so you can fund your third-act life plan.  During this session, Catie Fitzgerald will share strategies for managing your money in retirement and provide a “Funding My 3rd Act” tool kit you can use at home to get started.  She brings to this discussion over 20 years of experience as a personal finance coach.
  • Women in mid-life have some very specific needs, especially in regards to building/maintaining healthy bones, regulating hormones (i.e., thyroid, adrenal, etc.), preserving flexibility and balance, and preventing heart disease so we've included a 30-minute functional strength training class lead by Catie.

Yoga, QiGong and Bodywork Practitioners


Angela Bausch - Massage for Humans: Bodywork for Joyful Living

Angela is originally from Kansas, but has been living and working in the Bay Area for the last 25 years.  Her background includes dance, Pilates, and anatomy studies.  She spent the last 2 years studying biodynamic cranial sacral and is happy to be integrating that into her massage sessions. Her work tends to be a custom blend of nurturing massage with specific targeted bodywork to address injuries or restrictions.  One of her gifts is a holistic intuition, which spans the micro and macro levels and allows her to deeply tune into each person.  From that sensing, she brings a gentle curiosity about how to support her client to feel empowered in their body and their life.  She recently moved from Berkeley to Sebastopol and keeps an office in both locations.  

Yoga and Bodywork Overflow

Rachel Heron

Yoga: Rachel Heron began her study and practice of Hatha yoga in 1992, at the original Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York City, where she regularly studied with Sharon Gannon and David Life. Her scholarship then lead her to receive teaching certification through the Sivananda lineage. Rachel has been blessed with many strong teachers, in the styles of Kripalu, Ashtanga, and Iyengar, Forrest and Anusara methods. She teaches from a place of deep intuition and a desire to share the potency of the practice. Rachel’s classes are vigorous, deep, and anchored in therapeutic alignment principles. Her aim is to help students experience a profound inner stillness. We do this by bringing mindful awareness to our physical bodies, engaging our fullest breathing capacity, clarifying the energy body, and investigating the space between our thoughts. Students will leave class feeling alive and refreshed on all levels.

Bodywork: Rachel's bodywork sessions are a unique combination of intuitive listening and firm, present contact.  She incorporates techniques from Swedish and Deep tissue massage, along with over 20 years of somatic studies and applied anatomy.  Her lifelong study of dance, yoga, and body-mind integration help her connect with each client in a deep and satisfying way.  She graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage in 2003, and has maintained a steady private practice since then.  She enjoys co-creating sessions with her clients to find greater ease and balance in their bodies, and to allow their natural energy to flow more gracefully into everything they do.

See more about Rachel's work and business on her site: Rachel Heron

Taly Rutenberg


Taly Rutenberg, LCSW

Taly Rutenberg has devoted her working life to helping people heal from psychological suffering and to manifest their full potential.  As a licensed clinical social worker, she has worked with clients in a private psychotherapy practice in Berkeley, California since 1988.  Seeking to add a spiritual component to her therapeutic work, she became a Chaplain Resident at Alta Bates Medical Center.  Since 2011, Taly has been practicing Qigong, an ancient Chinese healing and wellness practice that includes movement, mindfulness, breath work and visualization, and is certified to teach two Qigong forms - Yuan Gong and Integral Qigong.  Taly teaches Qigong in variety of setting including private lessons, the Acute Rehab Unit at Summit Medical Center, and non-profit agencies serving veterans and homeless individuals.  Taly loves to hike, read, cook and spend time with her friends and family, including two grown children, her husband Joel and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Herschel.