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I am still interested in this retreat
I will need transportation from Los Angeles (closest airport) to get to the gate of Joshua Tree.
Weekend or Weekday
Keeping in mind you will have MUCH more privacy during the week, please indicate your preference:
It would be easiest if you purchased your own food. For those who will need transport from LA, we will stop on the way and I will advise on food choices if needed. For those who have their own transportation, you can stop on your own but I can advise in advance if you need suggestions. Please indicate if this sounds like a good plan for you, or if you think you would want THF to pre-purchase all food for you in advance.
Equipment needs
Here is what I would recommend for equipment. Please place a checkmark next to the items you already have and will bring. If you do not have some (or any) of the equipment (assuming you have a daypack for hikes and a water bottle for hikes), THF will price your package accordingly depending on what you will need.
Park Fees
I would suggest we all meet at the park entrance (whether you drive yourself or you go with THF) at a designated time and enter the park together. You would purchase your own park pass.
If the retreat is on the weekend, THF would need to go in and pre-purchase your campsite (or reserve ahead if the reserve ahead sites are nice enough). If the retreat is Sunday through Wednesday, you can select your own. In either case, would you actually prefer for THF to pre-choose and pre-purchase your campsite and make assignments? If you are driving on your own, you may want to choose your own campsite but this may be difficult on a Friday if the campgrounds are already full. Please let me know your thoughts. BTW - I will be going in January to scout the campgrounds. I have my favorite, but would want to check out the campgrounds that allow reservations (much easier!). I also want to make sure we're spread out enough so you feel you're on your own! Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out and I hope we move forward with this retreat. If so, I will definitely have a suggested reading list, suggested hikes, suggested clothing, etc.