joshua tree solo camping

Try a slightly supported Joshua Tree camping experience! This is NOT "GLAMPING"!


$600.00 per person with basic camping supplies provided, drive yourself and pick up food and beverage on the way. Meet at the 29 Palms entrance gate at 4:00 on Sunday, March 6th to be escorted to your pre-selected campsite - sunset is at 6:00 so don't be late!

$300.00 per person if you supply all of your camping gear and transport.

Add $200.00 if transport is needed from Los Angeles International Airport at 10:00AM Sunday returning to LAX at 4:00PM Wednesday. We will stop for groceries on the way and meet others at 29 Palms Gate. Recommended to fly into LAX on Saturday or at least two hours ahead of van departure on Sunday.

Campsites will be pre-selected by The Healing Farm and are included in price. Park entrance fee will be included for those in the shared van. If you drive, you will need to purchase your park pass at the gate for $20.00.

Note about driving vs. van transport: Feeling like you are completely on your own is the whole purpose of this retreat. Although you will have a walkie talkie, we may not be able to be in contact at all times and there is no cell service in the park. Having a car will give you full freedom to choose your own hikes and to move around the park on your own time. If you rent a car at LAX, you are free to meet the van at the appointed time to caravan all the way to Joshua Tree, stopping on the way for a supported walk through Trader Joe's to pick out your food and beverages. OR, meet us at the gate if you feel comfortable driving on your own. We can be in touch via cell phone all the way to the entrance gate. It's about a four hour drive from LAX. If you have your own car in the park and bring all your gear you may wonder why even bother connecting with THF? Remember this is for those who have always wanted to try camping on their own, but are not sure they feel comfortable completely on their own! THF will be camped nearby so if you needed any help at all, you can just call on is! 

Nitty Gritty: THF will supply a recommended list of what to bring (click the above link for your basic equipment list) and ideas for what's easy to cook while camping, also a suggested reading list (we will have books in the van to borrow) and hikes. The THF van will have pick up and drop-off times for pre-scheduled hikes. All hikes will be solo-hikes. Not guided. If you and a fellow attendee choose the same hike and are dropped off by the van, I would recommend giving one or the other a five to ten minute head start so you can still feel like you're on your own. You will be responsible for arriving on time for pick-up and drop-off for hikes!