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Piedmont Springs - Oakland, CA

Piedmont Springs - Oakland, CA

Starting a business, running a current business and in the midst of a family crisis. I was coming out of a very traumatic week and the businesses kept demanding and demanding - as they always do. The clock just keeps on ticking, doesn't it? 

Keeping up with my daily routine of coffee, news and e-mail in bed, my NYT Seven Minute Scientific Workout followed by stretches, hot shower and daily smoothie really helps keep me in control, (mostly) stress-free and refreshed, but sometimes I need to take a step back and realize I need a little more downtime to get me back in a calm state of mind. 

Yesterday I was intuitive enough to realize this was one of those times, but how many of us can really afford to go to a spa or local hotel to luxuriate in a hot tub, steam and sauna and then get a really worthwhile and long massage? Believe it or not, there really are some affordable options out there!

A few months ago, I posted about the super affordable (and lovely) Kabuki Springs and Spa in SF, but this time I didn't even have time to go into SF and needed to stick with Oakland. In comes Piedmont Springs. Just a couple of blocks from my house (lucky me!) I was able to make a same-day appointment. They have hot tubs for rent (yes! You get your own!), sauna and steam rooms and various options like massage and body treatments. I booked the minimum hot tub rental of half an hour which was meant to pre-relax my truly tight muscles, followed by a 75 minute massage (going more than an hour I think is essential. Would have done 90 minutes if it were available). All for under $100.00 less tip. Now THAT is a deal. Brennan picked me up, we went to dinner out on the Avenue and then went home to listen to music together. Today I am refreshed, relaxed and energized. Something I really didn't think was possible at this time in my life - especially this week!

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