Not a Farm?

OK. This is not a farm. I know. But it stems (no pun intended) from an idea I’ve had, a fantasy really of my Shangri-la. My healing shangri-la. I’ve done a lot of traveling in my life. I love it, I dream about it, but I’m going on year-three of chronic back pain and my current fantasies revolve around going to a place where I can heal. Naturally. I really don’t have anything against healing back pain with western medical practices and maybe if I could afford it, I would go for major back surgery, but I can’t afford it. I also have read loads about unsuccessful back surgery. Not too appealing to get something that invasive done and to not have it work. Ouch. I do believe, I want to believe, in natural healing and I REALLY believe now in preventative. It’s too late for me to go the preventative route, but I want to reach out also to those who don’t yet have back pain or some other chronic pain in their body about the importance of preventative care.

So since my Shangri-la doesn’t exist (at least as I visualize it) and I can’t afford the nearest thing, which would be a spa, I’m creating a test. This is my virtual Shangri-la. This is my personal healing project that I hope will be a sharing place for people in chronic pain who want to heal naturally or who might have crappy health insurance like I do. A place where we can share ideas, successes, failures and hopes of being pain-free.

I’m a photographer. I don’t have a shoot for another month and I want to do an at-home healing test. This is my mini-at-home healing sabbatical. I hope to bring ideas, inspiration and hope to other people who are in pain. And maybe have a little fun in the process. This is,  after all, supposed to be my Healing Farm Shangri-la.