The Reality of the Situation

This is supposed to be an interactive chronicle of at-home healing. At-home to make it realistic and affordable until I can find a way to open the reality-based Healing Farm. I’ve laughed through books like “Eat, Pray, Love” and movies like “Under the Tuscan Sun”. Who the hell can take that kind of time off? Oh it would be nice to have some money stashed away or a book deal to finance the sabbatical. But really. how many people can do that? The author of “Julie and Julia” is more realistic. Isn’t she? She went off to her job every day and worked on her project when she got home. Well, here I am. Somewhere in between. Although I have the advantage of being self-employed, I also have the disadvantage of not having much money and also not being able to completely check out for a month. In other words, I still need to make money. My goal became to work minimally. It’s the booking season for my business (I’m a wedding photographer) and I need to book weddings to make money. So I’m working one hour a day answering e-mails and if a new business meeting comes up I’m going to go and do the meeting. The rest of the time I’m going to read, walk, do yoga, go to the chiropractor and write. I’m going to take a bath every day in lieu of a shower and also work on my posture. I’m going to eat well and take care of my body so that maybe I’ll start losing some of the twenty pounds I’ve gained since my “injury”. Can this be done by everyone? That’s why I say I’m the middle=ground. I’m self-employed AND I don’t have kids, but I hope that with collaboration we can work together to come up with ideas for those who are in pain, but feel they cant possibly stop the hamster wheel. We’ll see. I’ve been at this for going on three days and already I’ve hit snags.