Kabuki Springs and Spa - One of the Best Deals in SF!

In one of my UC Berkeley business classes, we were told by our instructor to build in celebratory treats at certain milestones. Given the launch of The Healing Farm website today, I am taking the day off tomorrow to enjoy one of the best deals in San Francisco. The Kabuki Springs and Spa. What a super gorgeous bath house. An incredible deal. Their bath house day pass is only $25.00! You can't beat it. It's gorgeous, clean, has the full circuit - sauna, steam, cold plunge, hot tub and a lovely bathing area. When you need to get out of the chill of the bay area (like now!) it's the perfect cheap escape. I'm adding on some treatments as a bonus thanks to my dear brother and sister in-law who just gave me a gift certificate! Woo hoo and I can't wait!