Final Prep for Mayacamas Ranch Paleo Reset - Two Rooms Left!

I can't believe we're two weeks out from the start of the Mayacamas Ranch Paleo Reset Retreat! Having been out of town for almost ten days last week, I'm trying to catch up with the final details, but everything is coming together!

I will be sending an e-mail blast early this coming week with some important updates, but also wanted to share here:

See the Newest Schedule Here - Life Coach Series, Feldenkrais and QiGong Added to the Line-up!

Here is the updated retreat schedule - a lot has been added so check it out!

Two Rooms Left to Book for Partial Week Option

The are only two rooms left for the partial week option! I'm hoping to fill them up even at this late date so if you've been considering the retreat, sign up soon! See detailed information here:

Want to Attend but Couldn't Find a Roommate for the Double Occupancy Rate?

ATTN - FEMALE ROOMMATE NEEDED!: I have a female attendee who is looking for a roommate for either the partial or the full week option. Please contact as soon as you can for more details!

Massage and Acupuncturist Practitioners Announced, Life Coach Mini Lecture Series, Feldenkrais and QiGong all Added to the Program!


Chris Randle of Oakland Community Acupuncture and team acupuncturist for the Golden State Warriors will be joining us Sunday at check-in through Wednesday AM for on site acupuncture treatments. You can now schedule a "group" session (there will be partitions and a white noise machine) or private sessions. If you are a guest already booked to join us, go to your amenities page to check out the new option. Chris will also be offering an introduction to QiGong series while on site.


Diane Gibbs - massage therapist extraordinaire will be on site Sunday through Friday AM offering 60-90 minute massage sessions. We will also have local massage therapists, Dee Ross and Calie Candia on site Monday/Tues/Wed offering 60 minute massages! Diane will also be offering an intro. to Feldenkrais series.

Inner Fitness Life Coach Series

Certified Life Coach Emily Boorstein will also be at our retreat offering a condensed version of her "Inner Fitness" lecture series. I met Emily at Rancho La Puerta several years ago and have since had a very beneficial private session with her. I still refer to several nuggets of information from our session when I have my doubts about my career change and future. She really helped me through a true midlife crisis and I would highly recommend attending the series or scheduling a private session with her. You can either schedule directly with her via e-mail or when you see her at Mayacamas Ranch!

Special Guest Art Meditation Series!

I have a very generous guest who would like to share her art and craft meditation practices with the other retreat attendees and have added her morning art mediation and afternoon craft meditation series to the schedule so check it out and plan accordingly! She will have plenty of art supplies on hand, but if you want to really dig in and enhance, please bing the following additions to the on-hand art supplies:

  •         Beads or jewelry of beads that can be repurpose to make memory bracelets
  •         Old calendar or magazines for collage
  •         Copies of photos family, pets, friends for tile collage
  •         Journal with out lines or pad of paper.
  •         Colored pencils
  •         Black pens - black pencils
  •         Clip board

Wow! a lot to cover! It's really going to be a great week. Start praying now for great weather, but no matter what there will be plenty to do and learn at the paleo Reset retreat! Hope to see you at check in!