Healthy at 50 and Healthy at 72!

mountain view cemetery

Today I was working out at the cemetery. Not as strange as it sounds, I swear! In an urban setting like Oakland, a place like Mountain View Cemetery becomes like a park. It's gorgeous, hilly and has great views of downtown Oakland, the SF bay, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge! From sunrise to sunset you will find all sorts of people walking their dogs, running, biking and picnicking in this gorgeous and historical Julie Morgan (she's buried there!) and Frederick Law Olmstead (also designed Central Park among many other spectacular settings) designed cemetery.

I upped my workout last week to get over a weight loss plateau and added a bike ride to the top of the cemetery (quite a climb) in addition to my NYT almost daily 7 minute workout and stretches. Fall is in the air and it's been lovely and worked! As of today I'm down ten pounds - hooray!

As I was posting the above picture on Instagram, I heard a car pull up behind me and park on the other side of the little street. When I was done posting, I turned around and apologized to the guy sitting in the driver's seat for blocking the view. He laughed and said he's been going to that same spot every week since 1984 to visit his friend who is buried next to where he was parked. He introduced himself as Terrell and then said "I don't mean no disrespect, but looking at a view like that is like looking at a beautiful woman and you are a beautiful woman! When God made you, he hit a home run!" 

Well, now lest you think he was being creepy, not so! He was just this jolly old guy enjoying both "views" and being honest about it. I laughed and told him he made my week. When I went on my way, I thought about how nice it was for a stranger to say something like that to me and given I'm about to turn 50 years old, was working out AND hadn't even brushed my teeth yet, that was quite a compliment! I'll take it!

It reminded me that my husband sent me a You Tube link the other day. Toni Basil is an urban street dancer who just turned 72 years old. If you watch her dance, you would think she was 20. I want to be like Toni Basil when I am 72 years old. I have my eating plan and natural healing solutions worked out for the future, now I just have to lose that last ten pounds and keep it off and I will truly feel like a "home run". 

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