Fast Forward Three Years!

Hi all! Wow! It’s been three years since my little healing sabbatical. It was back to work and not a word of writing since. Shame on me! That does not mean I haven’t been working on my healing, but it does mean I would like to start sharing again as I have so much to update and so many ideas percolating!

As of three years ago, here were my problems:

  • Overweight: Female, 5’6” and 167 pounds
  • Chronic back pain: It’s now been six years since my initial episode
  • Chronic indigestion: About twenty years
  • Chronic sinus headaches: About fifteen years
  • Chronic fatigue (moderate)
  • Joint pain: On and off for ten or so years

Sheesh. Overall I was fine and functioning and still looked pretty good despite my weight (I was thinking I hid it well), but I wanted to feel better. My biggest problem was my chronic back pain, which is what prompted my healing sabbatical and this blog.

I took a six-week sabbatical three years ago. During that time,  I wrote about my progress and health, I didn’t work (I’m a photographer and didn’t want to do any heavy lifting), I practiced yoga or walked every day, rested, saw a chiropractor and acupuncturist and watched what I ate. Almost nothing changed.

Fast forward three years and I have done the following:

  • Weight: Lost 25 pounds
  • Back Pain: Went from chronic back pain an average of 80% of the time to 0-20%
  • Sinus headaches: One recent bout, but about 100% clear for two years
  • Indigestion: One bout almost a year ago, but almost 100% clear for two years
  • Chronic fatigue (a little less)
  • Joint Pain: Less, but still there

Please follow the next few weeks of writing to find out what I’ve done during my SLOOOOOOOW  and continuing route to recovery! In the meantime, here is a before and after (scary to post the “before”)!