"The Natural Way"

One of the books I picked up at my local used book store is called “The Natural Way: An A-to-Z Guide to Alternative Healing” by Mariah Jager. I quote Google books in a search for information about this book and author: “A beautifully packaged, information-packed resource covering more than a dozen alternative healing practices.”

I read this little gem in one evening and consider it a great resource to get a quick overview of various natural healing practices. It was first published in 1998 as “Alternative Healing Secrets” and re-published in 2005 under the current name.

I would highly recommend this book as a little start-up handbook if you’re researching various natural healing practices. There are some practices you may have never even heard of and wouldn’t know how to find or what to look for on the internet. Succinct and informative, I think this book would be a great first step in learning about the variety of natural healing processes.