Taking the Plunge - Natural Deodorant? Stay Tuned!

OK. Hubby may not be pleased when he hears this, but I'm going to finally try a natural deodorant. Since cleaning out and detoxifying the INSIDE of my body has done me wonders, I figured I should probably start thinking more about what I'm putting ON my body.

Believe me, this whole transition to all-natural and organic is taking me years. It's really hard to change old habits and the ease of buying everything (for body and home) at Target but really, given I've almost completely eliminated a whole slew of chronic conditions by changing my eating habits (albeit slowly), it's time to start trying to change other parts of my life as well. So, today I was scrolling through e-mail newsletters I've received from Chris Kresser in the past couple of years and decided I will first try to switch my deodorant. Looking at the container of "Secret" deodorant in my medicine cabinet after reading what Chris says about aluminum in deodorant (and discovering "aluminum" is mentioned on the very front of the container) and the fact the Alzheimer's most definitely runs in my family, I was inspired to make deodorant my first switch. Because I'm not the expert, I encourage you to read Chris' article by clicking here

Chris recommends two brands and I chose "Primal Life Organics" mostly because I just couldn't get myself to buy something called "Primal Pit Paste". I'm sure both are good choices because I trust what Chris recommends, but am glad they mention on the site that in the beginning while your body adjusts you need to apply several times a day. I guess I should have bought two! I really do hesitate to try using all-natural deodorant because I don't want to be that person next to you in the gym or on the plane smelling like - well, like they might be using natural "deodorant", but I also have a real fear of Alzheimer's and breast cancer. Perhaps I would rather smell a little than face the alternative? 

Anyway, I'll try to remember to put it on several times a day and will try to remember to update on Facebook with a review! Wish me luck and let's hope Brennan doesn't start holding his nose when he walks past me!