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The 3rd Act Women's Retreat: Renewing your Purpose and Passion Midlife
to Nov 2

The 3rd Act Women's Retreat: Renewing your Purpose and Passion Midlife

Location: Mayacamas Ranch, Calistoga, California

Dates: Sunday, October 29th through Thursday November 2nd, 2017

IMPORTANT notice about The 3rd Act retreat: Tragically, the lovely Mayacamas Ranch retreat center burned down in the wildfires that swept through the California wine country. In light of the extent of the devastation, The Healing Farm | Retreats has decided to postpone the 3rd Act Women's Retreat. We will announce our rescheduled retreat as soon as an alternate location and date has been chosen. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns and please sign up for our newsletter for further updates about this retreat and future retreat listings. You can do both on our contact page:




This is an all-ages women’s retreat exploring holistic approaches to finding out what’s next for you as you approach, move through or are even beyond mid-life. This retreat is perfect for those wanting to make the most out of their “3rd Act." Find the hidden gem in you and set goals to work beyond the retreat to experience real growth. This is a (mostly) electronics free retreat at the gorgeous Mayacamas Ranch property in world-class wine country. Learn, relax and enjoy the views while we explore the following:

  • Join our main speakers Patricia Cavanaugh and Ellie Klevins of the “positive aging” coaching business: “The 3rd Act”. They will share a two-part intensive workshop exploring five keys to finding happiness and what’s next for you.

  • Navigate nutrition for mid to late life, plus a bonus finance lecture by three-time Healing Farm retreat participant Catie Fitzgerald. In her midlife transition, Catie is a newly-minted nutritionist but also a 20+ years certified financial consultant.

  • Eat a whole food ancestral diet and find out why during our nutrition lecture (discussing things like using an elimination diet to get a good start on promoting brain health and reducing systemic inflammation to prevent chronic pain and illness or even relieve it). THERE WILL BE A FEW VEGETARIAN OPTIONS AVAILABLE.

  • Enjoy a light and healing exercise program including daily yoga, light hike, guided meditation and an intro to Qigong

  • Swim, hot tub, read, get a massage and enjoy the gorgeous views for three full days and four nights!

Pricing: From $680.00 - $1,650.00 based on occupancy and room choice.

Why am I passionate about this subject and why do I want to explore it more deeply?

I’ve spent the last five years prior to my 50th exploring a higher path for myself and my life. At times it’s been grueling. At times it’s been exhilarating. I’m going through a career change and thinking about how in the world I’m ever going to retire. I'm changing my eating habits to prevent midlife weight gain, promote hormone balance and reduction of systemic inflammation and experiencing the heartbreak and challenges of watching my parents as they navigate the final chapter of their lives. None of it is easy.

This retreat is designed to give you an in-depth introduction to navigating this transition. Instead of calling my own experience a midlife crisis, I’ve taken to calling it a “midlife renaissance." Join us at this comprehensive retreat to hear how you can navigate more easily through this challenging time. We are welcoming all-ages at this retreat, but are limiting it to women only so that we can speak freely and openly during our break-out sessions about what we experience specifically as women.

So put down your electronics and join us for daily lectures on finding your own mid-life renaissance! The final day of the retreat is my 51st birthday so what a perfect way to cap off my 50th year! I hope you can join us!

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Exclusive THF Day at Three Stone Hearth: Tour, Fermenting Lesson, Lunch and Ancestral Diet Lecture!
9:00 AM09:00

Exclusive THF Day at Three Stone Hearth: Tour, Fermenting Lesson, Lunch and Ancestral Diet Lecture!

So excited to set up this very exclusive and intimate day at Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley! If you live in the Bay Area, are starting to explore or are trying to adhere to an ancestral-based diet and haven't heard of Three Stone Hearth, well this is your chance to experience this incredible business concept intimately. We will learn about the wisdom behind an ancestral diet (think reducing systemic inflammation in your body to alleviate chronic pain and illness!), have a chance to meet and hear from Co-Founder Jessica Prentice (Author of "Full Moon Feast"), get a lesson in fermenting and have lunch with the staff! You can also pre-place food orders for pick-up while you're there! Even if you are familiar with Three Stone Hearth or have placed orders with them before this will be a fun way to dive in more deeply! THIS RETREAT WILL BE LIMITED TO TEN PARTICIPANTS SO SIGN UP EARLY!


9:15am – 10:15am: Tour of the Kitchen with Jessica Prentice

10:15am – 12pm: Three Stone Hearth worker-owner and Fermentation/Preservation Lead Andy Renard will guide you in the art of vegetable fermentation & pickling

12:00pm – 1pm: Enjoy a nutrient-dense lunch with the staff

1pm – 3pm: The Nutritional Wisdom of Traditional Diets – learn about the nutritional philosophy that underscores their work. Co-founder Jessica Prentice will provide an introduction to the work of Weston A. Price, and the 11 Characteristics of Traditional Diets. 

COST: $90.00 per person


Started in 2006 by five co-founders as a business coop, Three Stone Hearth is a unique business offering nutrient dense, pre-cooked ancestral foods available for pre-order and pick up and even delivery in some locations. If you want to easily quick-start your elimination diet, this is an easy way to start. They have perfected nutrient dense bone broths and fermented products like house-made kombucha and also offer pre-cooked mains and sides. 

From the TSH Website:

Three Stone Hearth is pioneering a new business model: a community-supportedworker-owned cooperative, and a teaching kitchen all in one.

Our Mission: We heal our community, our planet, and ourselves by building a sustainable model for community scale food preparation and processing that honors culinary traditions and provides nutrient dense foods for local households and beyond.

Our work is grounded in shared values of sustainability, community, and health.
Inspired by diverse cuisines, our weekly menus are prepared using the nourishing traditions approach to ensure maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption. Ordering from us helps reduce your carbon footprint.  We pack our foods in re-usable glass containers, compost waste, and purchase from local farms.



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